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Monday May 28, 2018

#9428: 2001 24' Sea Ray Sundeck (Hurricane Sandy)
Inventory ID: 9428 Location: Brick, NJ
Year:  2001 Length:  24'
Make:  Sea Ray Model:  Sundeck (Hurricane Sandy)
Height: N/A Beam: 8.0
Draft: 1.5 Displacement: 2850
Hull Material: Fiberglass HIN: SERV5441C101
Engines: Single Mercrury 383 Stroker, 350 HP gas outboard engine. Engine was not tested. No water in oil. It appears water was over intake of engine. All engine components have been compromised.
Transmission: Mercruiser Bravo III It appears operational.
Generator/Battery: There is no generator. 2-Group 24, poor condition.
Electronics: Clarion AM/FM stereo
Ground Tackle: 10lb Danforth style anchor
Rigging: There is no canvas.
Head: Porti-potty in separate compartment on port side.
Galley: There is no galley.
Trailer: Trailer not included.
Shipping: This item is for Pick-up Only
Shipping Information: Item sold "where is". Assistance with shipping is generally available; however, buyer is responsible for costs of preparing item for shipment and charges for loading vessel onto trailer or transport.
Description: The 2001 Sea Ray 24’ Sundeck was damaged during hurricane Sandy. The Sea Ray does not appear to have been submerged but the engine has water damage. All engine components have been compromised. The dash and gauges do not appear to be damaged. The outdrive appears operational. Fiberglass damage on starboard side. Hull/deck separation approximately 5’ long on starboard side near stern. 2’ long crack in the hull below rubrail about 6’ from stern on starboard side. All chines on bottom have fiberglass damage. 1’ X1’ area crushed midship on port side. Windshield is in good condition. No trailer available with the boat.
  • BATTERY: 2-Group 24 Poor condition.
  • ELECTRONICS: Clarion AM/FM stereo
  • GALLEY: None
  • INTERIOR: All cushions are in place. Vinyl cushions and carpet are muddy.
  • HEAD: Porti-potty in separate compartment on port side.
  • GROUND TACKLE: 10lb Danforth style anchor with 100’ ½’’ line.
  • RIG/SAIL: None
  • GELCOAT: Scratches and gouges 360 degrees around boat.
  • RUBRAIL: 15’ of damage along starboard side.
  • Single Mercrury 383 Stroker, 350 HP gas outboard engine. Engine was not tested. No water in oil. It appears water was over intake of engine. All engine components have been compromised.
  • TRANSMISSION: Mercruiser Bravo III. It appears operational but was not tested.
  • There is no trailer with this item.

    Florida 6% state sales tax will apply for Florida residents.

    Storage charges will accrue after the 10 day grace period. Loading fees will apply if no trailer included. Buyer is responsible for loading fees.

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    Effective 06/20/03

    Item sold "as is, where is"

    This item is sold "as is, where is" without warranty of merchantability, fitness or other warranty express or implied.

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